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TitleTeam is a boutique real estate settlement services agency, specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout Florida, with expertise in foreign national matters. We cater to industry professionals and consumers that prefer our concierge style, attention to detail and proactive service culture. Safeguarding consumers, providing high quality, reliable service to our clients and investing in ongoing education for our team are just a few ways we continue to deliver on our value proposition.

Virtual Closings & E-Signing

October 23, 2018

Great Service is NOT an “Added” Benefit

  No matter the industry, companies often promote their “great” service as a reason why a consumer or business should choose them over other available options. […]
September 29, 2018

Halloween Safety Checklist

August 13, 2018

What Every Realtor Should Know About Title Insurance

Make sure your clients are protected.   The process of buying a home is complicated. Consumers can become confused and frustrated with the mounds of paperwork […]