Who We Are

We are an energetic group of real estate industry professionals. Our company culture is defined by our strong working relationships, our collective goal to exceed expectations, and our genuine desire to forge real human connections. We are determined, reliable and dependable. We are curious, and resourceful. We are problem solvers. We value transparency, integrity, discretion and security. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve others in this capacity.

What We Do

We provide real estate closing services to clients all over the globe, and issue title insurance policies on residential and commercial properties throughout Florida. We have specific expertise working with investors, foreign nationals and for sale by owner clientele. We specialize in the complicated, and bring clarity to the complex. Most importantly we insure that title to real estate is clear of all material matters so that it can be effectively conveyed to another party or used as collateral for a debt. As the objective third party, we insure that all funds are received, secured and exchanged at the right times per the underlying contract, and similarly, that all documents are properly prepared, executed and recorded in the public records.

Why Choose Us

We’re a locally owned and operated business. Our team includes veteran title agents, with decades of experience, working alongside the next generation of title professionals, a perfect balance of wisdom and enthusiasm.

For our industry partners, we are dedicated to providing high quality proactive service, valuable tools, and expertise, so that all parties arrive at the closing table stress-free. We are seeking your trust and future referrals through our actions and behavior.

For consumers, we are determined to exceed your expectations, to provide essential information during your brief time with us, and to work ferociously on your behalf.

We believe that doing anything well requires an experienced, driven and focused team that is empowered to deliver on a variety of business metrics simultaneously. That is who we are, and we’re wholly committed to the highest standards and to our core value proposition.

Meet The Team

Our “Value Proposition”

A true value proposition suggests why a consumer should buy a product or service over another and why that one specific product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similarly available options. We welcome the opportunity to describe how we can offer such value to you, your family, your client, and your business. We also recognize that these are merely words, so we invite you to judge us solely on our actions and behavior.

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